Sr.Project Manager (Ventures ) Vestel A.Ş.

İstanbul(Avr.), İstanbul(Asya)

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About Pisano

Pisano is a scaling technology company where we develop an elegant and innovative

Experience Management Platform to

Enable businesses to better understand their customers and employees , and

provide an exceptional experience with the art of collecting feedback from

various channels , analyzing their behavior and engaging with them.

Empower the customers’ and employees’ voices to be heard by businesses who

invest in experience management by respecting the ethical values of privacy.

We are a rapidly growing company , seeking to add diligent, self-driven, and passionate

individuals that could add to our success-oriented team . Don’t hesitate, join us and be a

part of a place where today’s journey paves the way to tomorrow...

How is Pisano Doing?

This is what’s happening at Pisano…

We are funded by international investors

We have 100+ enterprise customers from all over the world

Our platform is being used in 30+ different countries every day

We are on the trajectory of boosted growth through our successful & proven

business model around Europe , MENA , and APAC .

What is Pisano Looking For?

We are seeking a Senior Project Manager who is not only diligent & passionate but has

the drive to provide leadership , expertise, and direction on large-scale complex projects

or programs.

You will be

Responsible for working with our enterprise customers and our integration

engineers to implement elegant, innovative, and scalable Experience

Management solutions to make businesses more human-centric .

Reporting directly to Chief Customer & Technology Officer, and CEO.

What Does Pisano Expect From You?

We expect you, our ideal Senior Project Manager, to

Influence us with your work ethic and passion.

Lead projects to implement our platform and continuous program improvements.

Work closely with Integration Engineers and Customer Success Managers to get

things done and create successful customers.

Manage and own the relationship with project stakeholders, including internal and

external customers, keeping stakeholders informed of progress and issues to

manage expectations on all project requirements and deliverables.

Get customers back on track when accounts or implementations are at risk.

Contribute to a positive work environment and install a sense of urgency and

motivation in others.

Read our Product Development Outline

Develop a deep understanding of the Pisano platform.

Act as a bridge between the Revenue and Product Development teams.

Help our Product Development Team develop new platform features.

What Functional Skills Do You Need?

Excellent communication skills since you will be representing Pisano.

Experience in working with large and complex organizations with a proven track

record for delivering software projects with successful outcomes.

Strong ability to work with others to achieve a common goal.

Resolve conflicts and manage cross-functional and external relationships;

demonstrated ability to negotiate and influence without authority .

What Technical Qualifications Do You Need?

Excellent oral and written communication skills in English .

5+ years of experience in project management at technology companies.

5+ years of experience in managing stakeholders and customers at the

Executive level.

Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university (Being graduated from a reputable

university or an engineering faculty is a plus).

Certifications such as PMP is a plus.

Being involved in Experience Management Projects before is a plus.

"Vestel'in işe alım süreçleri ile ilgili daha detaylı bilgi için Vestel Kariyer sayfamızı ziyaret edebilirsiniz."

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Firma Sektörü:

Elektrik & Elektronik , Beyaz Eşyalar