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Job Purpose

Involves providing day-to-day supervisory and/or coordination support to a team of

operational and/or clerical employees, or contractors. Responsible for day-to-day completion of team tasks as well as delegated first level employee related activities, as defined by local policies.This may include day-to-day performance monitoring/management and development discussions, employee related administration, supporting initial/informal disciplinary action activities and, in the case of contractors, contract management, under the supervision of relevant management.

Key Responsibilities

  • Supports manager by taking supervisory responsibility for day-to-day coordination of team activities. Ensuring that processes and procedures are completed promptly and consistently and that team activities are in line with company goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Provides supervisory support to a team of operational or clerical employees or vendors including allocating tasks and providing direction and support on completion of tasks. Motivates team to achieve high levels of performance. Responsible for ensuring team understanding of objectives, using approved methods to assess performance and providing feedback and development guidance. Provides updates to manager on performance. May support the evaluation of vendor(s) performance against agreed
  • targets. Supports team in completing workload as required.
  • Creates and regularly applies tools to monitor completeness and accuracy of defined department processes and procedures. May handle escalated, complex or high impact customer issues as they arise. Initiates and implements corrective action as required. Performs or coordinates audits and reviews of existing processes or documentation to ensure appropriate standards and rules are applied. Identifies and investigates anomalies, issues or variance to be addressed and notifies management as required.
  • Participates in/leads continuous improvement opportunities within department.
  • Supports manager in planning and scheduling of resources, including rostering, to ensure department priorities are completed. Communicates targets and goals to the team. Provides updated on progress towards goals for management and team.
  • Supports manager in the identification of training needs within team. Designs and delivers training (e.g. on-the-job and classroom) and related materials (e.g. job aids) relating to team processes. 
  • Provides a range of support activities including administration and data management, reporting, analysis and deputising for manager when required. Ensuring confidentiality is maintained.
  • Ensures completion of accurate and timely reporting within team. May be involved in the development of information or record management systems or reporting practices.
  • Participates in regional projects within department including research and analysis, highlighting local implementation issues and recommending solutions.


  • Min Bachelor degree from relevant departments,
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in a multinational logistics & supply chain environment (team leading of a pick-up delivery or delivery staff is an asset),
  • Organisational awareness (structure and products & services),
  • Good communication capability both with internal and external stakeholders,
  • Preferably have customer- result - quality focus, judgement & decision making skills, negotiation skills, networking skills, team working skills,
  • Advanced level of verbal and written English,
  • Residing in Ankarar and/or able to relocate,
  • Military service completed (for male candidates only).



Firma Sektörü:


Çalışma Şekli:

Haftaiçi 00.00 - 00.00

Haftasonu (Cumartesi) 00.00 - 00.00

Sosyal / Yan Haklar:

Özel Sağlık Sigortası
Hayat Sigortası

Çalışan Sayısı: