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We are looking for a Shift Engineer (Operator) to join our team. In this function, you will be responsible for control of the natural gas transportation process at Receiving Terminal (RT) and to downstream operators in Turkey, and for the transmission of dispatching information to the Central/Backup Control (CCR) room of the South Stream Transport B.V. To qualify for this role, solid engineering experience with gas transportation via main pipelines as a Shift Engineer (Operator) is required. You will be in control of the main equipment of RT (pipelines, control valves, PIG traps, separators, gas heaters, HIPPS, gas metering stations, fuel gas treatment unit, captive power plant (CPP), piping etc.). Therefore, previous experience in operation is mandatory (gas pipeline dispatching control and operation experience would be an advantage).

Job Description

  • Manage and control  equipment according system restrictions;
  • Transmit the required dispatching information to CCR of the SSTBV;
  • Control operating regimes of objects; 
  • Participate in commissioning of local control room and its equipment, including commissioning for SCADA and other process related systems;
  • Support the system integration activities for RT, LFR and CCR;
  • Follow HSSE requirements and the guidelines; 
  • Monitor gas flow and gas quality at the exit points;
  • Control the maintenance, repair, inspection and other activities of external (outsourced) and internal (SSTTBV) personnel, incl. construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical or Automation Engineering Degree connected with a main gas transport is a must;
  • 8+ years of relevant main pipeline gas transportation experience in dispatching, operation, additional relevant pre-commissioning and commissioning experience in gas transportation system is an advantage;
  • Experience with International, European and Turkish norms and codes related to pre-commissioning, commissioning and operations of the gas main pipelines;
  • Knowledge of Offshore standard DET NORSKE VERITAS DNV-OS-F101 SUBMARINE PIPELINE SYSTEMS is mandatory as a main design code for the project;
  • Competency in major relevant offshore pipeline codes and standards: DNV, API, ASME etc.;
  • Proficiency and understanding of SCADA functionality in pipeline system / gas transmission operations to overview pipeline hydraulics, facilities and operations;
  • Working knowledge and experience of evaluation and prevention of hydrate formation in the gas lines and dead legs; pipeline maintenance processes; using pig tracking and compositional tracking modules; liquid content evaluation in the pipeline as function of gas flow rate and arrival pressure; performance and operation of pipelines, valves and process modules (compressors, pumps, coolers, anti-surge valves, control valves etc.) to the required operational extent;
  • Deep knowledge of technical parameters and control of the equipment , including but not limited to shutdown and control valves, HIIPPS, PIG traps, gas heaters, separators, gas metering stations;
  • Full knowledge of Cause & Effect matrix of RT in order ensure the transportation process without an emergency and prevent shutdowns;
  • Previous experience working in international and multicultural environment as a plus;
  • Fluent in Russian, English and Turkish;
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Stress and crisis resistant, reliable and highly flexible adjusting to current workload;
  • Ability to cope with strict deadlines;
  • Team-player willing to work in multicultural contexts.