Project Manager Accenture Industry X.0


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About Industry X.0


A new area within Accenture Digital is Industry X.0, an advanced, digitally enabled, innovative, planning and investment approach for manufacturing and asset-intensive industries. In your role within our Industry X.0 team, you’ll help clients take advantage of significant market opportunities as digital technology moves into the core of industry in product development and manufacturing environments. You’ll help them transform their product, manufacturing and product related services value chains in Products, Communications, Media, High Tech, Chemicals, Mining, Oil & Gas and Utilities. As part of Accenture Digital, you’ll benefit from tailored career management and specialist skills that will fuel your ambitions in the Industry X.0 space.

  Our package for you:

·   Flexible working hours,

·   Health insurance,

·   Shuttle service with wide coverage or fuel allowance,

·   Meal allowance,

·   Employee referral bonus program,

·   Performance-rewarding bonus system,

·   No dress code,

·   3 pm healthy snack and drinks available all the time at the office.

·   Monthly happy hour

Role Definition  

 The primary responsibility of the Project Manager is to coordinate and prioritize project tasks, manage timeline and drive the project during execution. He/She demonstrates creativity when creating and driving project plans and estimates, scope and requirements from implementation to deployment. He/She is the master communicator across multiple stakeholders aligning priorities and direction.

Required Qualifications 

  •    BS Degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering
  •    Min 6+ years of working experience in Software Development and Project Management
  •    Experience in Agile Software Development Methodologies
  •    Experience at least with one programming language
  •    Familiar with Web and Mobile Application technologies
  •    Experience with cloud technologies is a plus
  •    Experience with Continuous Integration and Deployment Tools is a plus
  •    Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle
  •    Excellent problem-solving skills
  •    Able to work in a dynamic workplace
  •    Strong leadership skills; ability to influence others
  •    Ability to successfully operate in a fast-paced team environment
  •    Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of stakeholders including developers, product owners, designers and client contacts


Key Responsibilities

  • Deep understanding of client needs, assisting in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
  • Understand the fundamental solution being developed/deployed - its business value, blueprint, how it fits with the overall architecture or business operations, risks, etc.
  • Proactively assign work and provide instructions, advice, guidance and leadership to the project staff
  • Review work in progress and assess completed work for accuracy, required results and quality
  • Design, plan, execute projects end-to-end and ensure that the team delivers results that meets the project goals
  • Proactively manage and monitor execution of deliverables and status in an effective manner
  • Spot and resolve issues and conflicts among related parties or people
  • Proactively identify and eliminate roadblocks to help ensure successful delivery of the solution
  • Manage client and 3rd party vendors and coordinate work between different teams at different locations
  • Strong quality mindset, great team spirit and being detail oriented
  • Coach, mentor project team members also influencing them to take positive action for their assigned work
  • Make sure every member of the project including yourself enjoy their daily work and are happy about the results that they deliver
  • In addition to delivering successful results to the client, ensure that the team members including yourself has the focus to also develop their skills while solving various unique challenges during the project execution. 

  • Maintain a good relationship with the clients and develop new business opportunities